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Multistate Credit Cooperative Society

Formation of Multistate Co operative Society

Multi state cooperative societies are of several types-

• Multi State Solar Cooperative Society
• Farming Cooperative Society
• Credit Cooperative Society
• Agriculture Cooperative Society.
• Real Estate Cooperative Society
• Dairy Firm Cooperative Society
• Transport Cooperative Society and many more.

CS Ladda & Associates has a team of well qualified professionals who understand your needs
and will prepare your bye laws as per your requirements and specific objectives of your multi
state cooperative society.

Brief procedure involved in incorporation of Multistate Co operative Society
Preliminary requirements:


1. Proof of Address of Fifty One members from each state.

2. Open a Bank account and deposit Share money plus admission fee collected from members.

3. Two Rubber stamp i.e One Seal and second of Chief Promoter.

4. Rent Agreement if available.

5. List of members duly signed by members.

6. Name and address of Chief Promoter.

7. Name of Board of Directors.

8. Each documents signed by Chief Promoter.

9. NOC from concerned state Cooperative Registrar.

NOTE: Other formalities, requirements, documentation and informations will be prepared by us.

Promoters / Applicants shall require the following for incorporation:

1. Passport size photograph of member
2. Self attested Address proof
3. Self Attested Pan Card
4. Education Proof

All the members must be more than 18 years of age.

You require to provide the details of minimum 51 members with their signatures and their
information as mentioned. Minimum requirement is at least 51 members from each state
with 2 states.